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Shipping & Returns

1.- Shipping Costs
In this part we inform the Shipping Costs To The Different Areas based on the weight of the package. We also give you the possibility to collect the packet in Losar de la Vera (Cáceres, Spain) and save the shipping costs.

Iberian Peninsula and Portugal   Baleares Islands
Flat Rate6€ (Regardless of the weight of the order)    0-3 Kg8,75€
Orders upper 60€4,50€ (Regardless of the weight of the order)    3-5 Kg10,00€
Orders upper 120€Free Shipping    5-10 Kg13,25€
      10-15 Kg16,50€
      15-20 Kg19,75€
      20-30 Kg26,25€
      30-40 Kg32,75€
Europe Zone 1: France   Europe Zone 2: Germany   Europa Zona 3: Austria, Italy, Benelux & United Kingdom
0-3 Kg23,00€    0-3 Kg17,50€    0-3 Kg28,00€
3-10 Kg25,00€    3-10 Kg21,50€    3-10 Kg30,00€
10-15 Kg26,00€    10-15 Kg23,00€    10-15 Kg33,00€
15-20 Kg28,50€    15-20 Kg25,00€    15-20 Kg34,00€
20-30 Kg32,50€    20-30 Kg28,50€    20-30 Kg40,00€
Europa Zona 4: Denmark, Hungary, Poland & Czech Republic   Europa Zona 5: Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland y Sweden    
0-3 Kg32,00€    0-3 Kg46,50€    0-3 Kg 
3-10 Kg37,50€    3-10 Kg48,00€    3-10 Kg 
10-15 Kg40,00€    10-15 Kg54,00€    10-15 Kg 
15-20 Kg53,00€    15-20 Kg66,00€    15-20 Kg 
20-30 Kg55,50€    20-30 Kg75,00€    20-30 Kg 

2.-Cold Shipping Costs
In this part we inform you the shipping cold transport used for the sale of our fresh products where it is imperative that type of transport , such as the goat. At the time that you choose a product that requires transport cold, the store application will force on the shipping you choose transport cold. So if you have added an other product but does not require cold can use the same transport cold sending or otherwise do two separate orders , one for fresh products transportation selecting Cold Shipping and other for products not requiring cold selecting the transport of ordinary shipping.
Dispatch cold is only available for shipping to the Peninsula and the rate is different depending the area. Here we detail the areas and the rate table Shipping weight for each zone.

Zone 1: Provinces of Albacete, Alicante, Almería, Ávila, Badajoz, Cáceres, Cuenca, Granda, Guadalajara, León, Madrid, Murcia, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Toledo, Valladolid and Zamora
Zone 2: Provinces of A Coruña, Álava, Asturias, Burgos, Cádiz, Cantabria, Castellón, Ciudad Real, Córdoba, Guipúzcoa, Huelva, Jaén, La Rioja, Lugo, Málaga, Navarra, Ourense, Sevilla, Pontevedra, Valencia, Vizcaya, Zaragoza
Zone 3: Provinces of Barcelona, Huesca, Girona, Soria, Tarragona y Teruel
Zone 4: Baleares: Menorca, Mallorca e Ibiza
Zone 5: Portugal
WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
0-5 Kg 8,45€ 9,30€ 9,65€ 11,50€ 11,50€
5-10 Kg 9,55€ 10,80€ 11,10€ 13,50€ 13,70€
10-20 Kg 13,00€ 16,00€ 17,00€ 20,50€ 18,00€
20-30 Kg 15,50€ 18,25€ 19,500€ 26,00€ 22,50€
30-40 Kg 18,00€ 21,25€ 23,00€ 31,00€ 27,00€
40-50 Kg 20,50€ 24,50€ 27,00€ 36,00€ 31,50€

3. Delivery
The average shipping time afther the payment verification is 3-5 working days for Iberian Peninsula and Portugal and 5-10 working days for the rest of zones and countries.
If for any reason beyond the Verata Barata , shipping takes to get more time provided above, La Barata Verata is not responsible and it does not constitute grounds for any claim, although we will provide you the transport agency contact information.
4. Returns
If not satisfied with your purchase in La Verata Barata, has a period of 14 days , counting from the date of receipt to implement the right of return. ( according to art. 44 of Law 7/1996 of January 15 of the Retail Trade amended by Law 47/2002 , of December 19 ) . The product must be in perfect condition and in their original packaging.. After this time we can not accept returns . Once we receive the merchandise and let us check the status of it , we will proceed to refund the amount according to the method of payment by the customer. We do not accept returns of products that requires cold shipping.
If a product is not in the sanitary conditions needed to be ingested without risk to health , the return is allowed provided they notify us in the receipt 24 hours , running all expenses La Verata Barata.
To make the refund, the product must be in perfect condition and in their original packaging. Upon receipt of the merchandise in our stores , and after checking the status of it , we will proceed to refund the amount according to the method of payment by the customer.
In any case, the return of defective products and incorrect shipments , with the Verata Barata who will take care of the shipping costs if the client communicates this within 14 days from the date of receiving shipment. There will process any returns that have not been previously reported .

To make your return , send us an e- mail through the following address: laveratabarata@laveratabarata.com or contact us by phone 927 570 911 . Once we receive confirmation from us you must send the goods by the withdrawal document. Right of withdrawal referred to in Article 40.1 of the Law 7/1996 Upon receipt of the goods by the buyer, the latter has the right to withdraw within 14 days of such receipt , without paying penalties ; all you have to pay is the cost of returning the product, and if compensation for the damage to the object of purchase . If returned , the shipping charges will not be refunded . Also, the cost of collection will be borne by the customer ( equivalent to shipping amount that corresponds to the type of product purchased)

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Shipping Costs

- Cold Shipping
Since 8,45€
- Baleares Islands
Since 8,75€
- European Union
Since 17,50€
- Collect the packet in our shop (Losar de la Vera, Cáceres) 
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